Host a Culture Booth!

What is a Culture Booth?

 A table reserved for you!  Students and families, we welcome you to showcase what is meaningful to YOU about your heritage culture!

 Community-based cultural organizations are also welcome to display information about about their mission and opportunities for South Colonie families to participate in cultural programs.

How to prepare your culture booth:

  • Create a Poster - decorate, print out pictures, maps, etc.

    • What pictures will help people learn more about your culture?

      • Places, buildings, landscapes

      • People, clothing, written language

      • Activities, celebrations, food

      • MAPS, charts/graphs showing languages/religions/ethnic groups

    • Other things to discuss/plan with group members

      • What will we display, offer and do at our booth?

      • ​Artifacts? Food/beverage?  Game? Demonstration?

      • Who is bringing in what artifacts? what food? plastic table cloth?

      • What will we say to people when they come to our booth? Who will discuss each element of our booth?

*YOU are the expert on your culture! You should be able to explain …

- what is on your poster

- what is in your food/beverage sample and how it was prepared

- why each item at your booth is special or important in your culture

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